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Awakening Integral Consciousness
(Book 2 of CARE Series)

by Ronnie Lessem (UK / Zimbabwe)

Ronnie Lessem’s Awakening Integral Consciousness – A Developmental Perspective explains in detail Trans4m’s unique approach to establish Innovation Ecosystems

In the first CARE volume on Community Activation for Integral Development, Lessem focused on community activation and on establishing CARE circles, as an integral variant of Swedish-Slovenian study circles. He applied this alternately, as per the Integral Worlds approach from a “southern” Relational, “eastern” Renewal, and “north-western” Reasoned-Realization perspective. In each of these three cases the integral GENE developmental rhythm (Grounding, Emergence, Navigation and Effect) was employed, without losing sight of the collective Grounding in Community Activation.

In this second CARE volume, Ronnie Lessem places emphasis on awakening integral consciousness in a functional dynamic way, and on actualizing an innovation ecosystem, in a structural and stabilizing manner.

The American social philosopher and “quality guru” Robert Pirsig who wrote his seminal work on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in the 1970’s, identified twenty years later in his subsequent work Lila: An Inquiry into Morals, two kinds of “quality”: dynamic quality and stabilizing quality. Whereas the former served to promote functional renewal and change, the latter was a force for structural continuity. Both were required for development. The CARE process mirrors these two types of quality, proposing a dynamic functional and a stabilizing structural approach to CARE.

CARE, as a whole, is one of the key transformative trajectories of Trans4m, enabling the gradual actualisation of a social innovation in real life context. CARE stands for Community Activation (A), Awakening Integral Consciousness (A), institutionalized Research-to-Innovation (R), and Embodiment of Integral Development (E).

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