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Integral Journal Articles

Book Sketch Journal ArticlesIn this section we list published journal articles and book chapters, written by members of the Trans4m community. All these articles and chapters are building on the Integral Worlds knowledge base and help to further develop it.

This list will be continuously updated, so please visit this space regularly.

Imago Integralis: The Aesthetics of Integral LifeSchieffer, Alexander2017KOSMOS Journal: Global Transformation in Harmony with All LifeVolume XVI, Fall/Winter 2016
The Economic Emancipation of AfricaOshodi, Basheer2016Social Science Research Network (SSRN)Available at:
The Integral University: Holistic Development of Individuals, Communities, Organisations and SocietiesSchieffer, Alexander
Lessem, Ronnie
2014Prospects (Unesco)Volume 44, Issue 4, P. 607-627
Rethinking Consulting: Towards Integral ConsultingLessem, Ronnie
Schieffer, Alexander
Moussavian, Reza
2010Transition Studies ReviewVolume 17, P.194-203
Beyond Social and Private Enterprise: Beyond Social and Private Enterprise: Towards the Integrated EnterpriseSchieffer, Alexander
Lessem, Ronnie
2009Transition Studies ReviewVolume 15, No. 4
The Practice of Transformation: Enabling Fundamental Transformation of the Self, the Organisation and the SocietyLessem, Ronnie
Schieffer, Alexander
2006Transformation / World Business AcademyVolume 20, Issue 18
Rooted in China, Reaching out to the World (Case Study Broad Air Conditioning)Schieffer, Alexander
Xue, Yan
Lessem, Ronnie
2006Transformation / World Business AcademyVolume 20, Issue 16Part 1

Part 2
Co-Creative Leadership: An Integrated Approach towards Transformational LeadershipSchieffer, Alexander2006Transition Studies ReviewVolume 13, No. 3, P. 607-623.
Accounting for an Enterprise's WellbeingLessem, Ronnie1974OmegaVolume 2, Issue 1, P. 77-95