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The Integrators: The Next Evolution
in Leadership, Knowledge and Value Creation

by Ronnie Lessem (UK / Zimbabwe)

What Ronnie Lessem argues in The Integrators is that in the rush to “emancipate” management from its analytical and rationally “scientific” shackles, the powers that be took two significant wrong turns. Firstly they failed to go back to origins, and to thereby root the original enterprise in a diverse spectrum, reflecting the true variety of people and cultures on this planet. Secondly, they failed to follow an integral path of development, from origination (enterprise) to foundation (management) to emancipation (leadership) onto ultimate individual and organisational transformation (integrator/integration).

The Integrators - Ronnie Lessem Book CoverWhile the evolution from enterprise to management was clear-cut, at least in its singular American context, the subsequent evolution of leadership, individually, was not matched, in practice, by a similarly coherent development of self-organisation-society, ecosystemically.

This is a matter we seek to address here, duly following our trans4mative integral rhythm, from origination (entrepreneur) to foundation (manager), onto emancipation (leader) and ultimate transformation (fully fledged integrator), critically together with the organisational counterparts of each one. We then undertake such for each of eight individually and culturally differentiated kinds of integrator, and integration.

The end result of such a spectral and integral journey will be the cast of integrators, individually, and integration, institutionally, portrayed below, as Egyptian and Basque, Palestinian and Nigerian, South Africa and Sri Lankan, Anglo-American and Anglo-Indian, respectively :

  • Innovator Abouleish : Commonwealth Integrator : Sustainable Commonwealth
  • Enabler Arizmendi : Cooperative Integrator : Cooperative Association
  • Executive Sahyoun : Institutional Integrator : Integrated Organisation
  • Animateur Adodo : Communal Integrator : Communitalism
  • Entrepreneur Van der Colff: Corporate Integrator : Corporate Ecosystem
  • Adopter Ariyaratne : Individual-Societal Integrator : Collective Awakening
  • Adventurer Branson : Eco Integrator : Eco/service Provider and
  • Change Agent Johar : Civic Integrator : Impact Hub

In each of the paired cases, there needs to be a meeting between self and other, as well as between “masculine” and feminine”, most especially at “midlife” in the late 30’s to late 40’s transition, for example interconnecting “masculine” innovator with “feminine” enabler. Such has nothing of course to do with “male” and “female”, but rather has individual and psychological, as well as cultural connotations. For psychotherapist Carl Jung this involved confronting the “shadow” side within you, individually and societally, with a view to enhancing integration.

The book concludes with a full validated and reliability tested Spectral Integrator Type Inventory (SITI), duly color coded, which enables the reader to gauge his or her spectral orientation, at this particular stage of his or her life. Characteristically a person has a “primary type”, and others in support, a full fledged “integrator”, of one type or another, being constituted of at least four such types.

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