Transformation has enabled me with consciousness awareness,
self-determination and the ability to understand and construct my own needs
and values. Transformation also enables me to break with the existing world
of thought and behaviour. It empowers me with the ability to think
critically and to reject ?crowd thinking.

Junie Tong

Founder, Global Dialectic and Catalyst Foundation, China/UK
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Trans4m Report on Integral Green Economy in Slovenia is out (June 2013)! *** Join TRANS4M's Doctoral Program (in Partnership with Da Vinci South Africa) for you, your Organisation and Society *** Our Book "Integral Dynamics" has been published, as the 10 title of our Transformation and Innovation Book series (published by Gower Ashgate) ***
TRANS4M: Who we are
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TRANS4M Center for Integral Development

The TRANS4M Center for Integral Development, Geneva, is a research and education based organisation with a specific focus on Social Innovation and Transformation Management which has developed one of the most innovative (and globally tested) approaches in this field.


TRANS4M, started jointly by Prof. Dr. Ronnie Lessem and Dr. Alexander Schieffer, represents not only a unique educational approach towards socialinnovation and social and economic transformation, but also a growing community of "Social Innovators" and "Agents of Transformation" from all over the world. Our shared passion is to enable people to transform their unique selves, their organisations, communities and societies! TRANS4M empowers managers and leaders from all sectors of society, together with their organisations, to become effective transformational entrepreneurs and to build truly sustainable enterprises.

Our transcultural approach and community builds on the knowledge of all four worlds (South, East, North and West). In our masters, doctoral and executive programmes we root education and transformation deeply in specific cultural contexts, and focus through programmes and projects on the most relevant transformational issues at the level of self, organisation, and society. We address leaders and organisations from the four sectors of society (business, politics, culture and environment), and from the four corners of our world. We enable them to move to centre themselves, indivdidually, organisationally and societally, with a view to making a transformative impact. Together, we aim to contribute to societal and global integration.

Each person, each organisation, each society and culture has a role to play in transforming the world.



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