Advancing the Integral Africa Agenda: Trans4m’s 6th Integral Africa Roundtable took place in Johannesburg

15 March 2018: 24 Transformation Agents from various African countries, as well as from other continents (Europe, Asia, Middle East) got together for this 6th Integral Africa Roundtable dedicated to strengthening their collective engagement in co-creating an Integral Africa.

Hosted by Trans4m, in collaboration with AFLEAD Center for African Local Assisted Economic Development, the Integral Africa Roundtable provided a platform where different social innovators and transformers across Africa and the rest of the world shared and exchanged innovative socio-economic development models and initiatives, geared to creatively and holistically engage with Africa’s most pressing issues.

All of those Integral African models and projects actively build on and contribute to the Integral Worlds knowledge and practice field, and are grounded in indigenous ontology of the different contexts – with the shared intention to co-create sustainable and CARE-ing development for the common good of Africa.

Participants work together, locally and on a Pan African level, through integral centers and institutes. For this 6th Roundtable the following institutions got together to present their latest local integral developments and to strengthen the transnational collaboration potential: CISER Center for Integral Social and Economic Research from Nigeria; OFURE (Pax) Integral Research and Development Initiative from Nigeria; Pundutso Center for Integral Development (includes: Kuona Centre for Integral Enterprise and the Mugove CIEA Center for Integral Enterprise Agriculture); Aflead Center for African Local Assisted Economic Development from South Africa; TIA Transformation Institute of Africa from South Africa. This time, the Nile Forum, represented by Mohamed Mongy, joined for the first time, and added a strong Pan African dimension.

The major Pan-African resolutions among all participants were:

  • Focus on a CARE for Africa Book Series (first book to be launched in 2019), with Father Anselm Adodo and Jubril Adeojo taking the roles of Lead Editors for the first book. This book series, with participation of all members of the Integral Africa Community will be the first of its kind, designed to disseminate theoretical and practical role models of “home made” Integral African Innovations
  • Further Conceptualisation of a Pan-African Communiversity, connecting a variety of innovative educational impulses from across the Integral Africa community.

The first volume of the Care for Africa Book Series as well as the shared communiversity (idea, concept and actualisation) will become major discussion points at the next and 7th Integral Africa Roundtable to be held on September 21 in Johannesburg.


From the east the sunrises and sunsets in the west,
The other way is but a lie.
Arise Zimbabwe arise
Spring-forth from the ashes, like a phoenix rising
The world is watching,
Watching as if it cares!

CARING from within indigenous Zimbabwe
Exogenous are but capitalist.
Looking for profit ahead of humanity
Awaken community of integral developers
Raise the integral consciousness.

Zimbabwe is open for business,
Whose business but theirs?
Awaken Zimbabwe and arise
Gold, platinum, mineral resources
Are just but a means to the end.

The end is the beginning
Isu vanhu the people of Zimbabwe
You are because I am
Of rich traditions and culture
Together our destiny is in our hands.
Muka, vuka, the people of Dzimbabwe
It’s time for the world to notice
Not the bad but the good within
All coming from within
Inguva yedu – now is our time.
Arise Zimbabwe arise.

By Smart Zongololo (2018)