AFLEAD Trans4m Workshop in Johannesburg

6 March 2017: Next Step in the Evolution of the AFLEAD Africa Center for Local Economic Assisted Development, in Partnership with Trans4m Fellows

During a half day workshop at the offices of AFLEAD in Johannesburg, the underpinning integral design of AFLEAD was discussed, and its strategic evolution into a major driver of holistic community development in South Africa and Africa. Under the leadership of Dr. Emil Nothnagel, AFLEAD is growing into an institutional ecology, enriched by Greenskills, an emerging integral tech-enterprise with a focus on community development, founded by Premie Naicker, and Two Cents, an innovative Marketing and Community Development agency, led by Lucinda Scholtz.

At the heart of this collaboration is a new approach to community based economics, thoroughly grounded in African philosophy and practice, called Collabronomics. Over the coming years, this new approach is to be built up as the very theoretical and practical foundation for AFLEAD’s effective LED (Local Economic Development) Services – complemented and supported by an envisioned development sanctuary, municipality-based community development hubs and a knowledge creating center focusing on research and transformative education.

During the workshop, that Trans4m, represented by Alexander Schieffer, helped to catalyse, AFLEAD also explored additional partnerships with Sansara, a South Africa based community economic development provider, founded and led by Trans4m Fellow Loshnee Naidoo, as well as with Foodlovers Academy, a pioneer in African leadership and enterprise education with a focus on Africa’s retail sector, founded by Frans van der Colff.

All participants of the workshop are also enrolled in the Trans4m Da Vinci PhD Program for Integral Development. Hence, this workshop with a focus on strengthening the cooperation between their respective organizations, altogether aiming at (South) Africa’s integral community development, was also an illustration of the impact driven philosophy underpinning this PhD.