Integral CARE-4-AFRICA Impact Roundtable took place in South Africa

12 September 2017: 25 agents of transformation from the African Trans4m Community came together in Johannesburg for a two-days Integral Africa Roundtable to strengthen their collective engagement in co-creating an Integral Africa.

The core aim of this workshop which took place in the premises of AFLEAD  was to leverage among all participants and their respective local centers – and through the formulation of concrete next steps – their collective contribution to Africa.

The following centers that form part of Trans4m’s integral Africa network were represented:

  • Nigeria: CISER Center for Integral Social and Economic Research, Nigeria,
  • Nigeria: OFURE (Pax) Integral Research and Development Initiative (OFIRDI)
  • South Africa: Aflead Center for African Local Assisted Economic Development
  • South Africa: Inqaba / Integral Afrikology Publication
  • South Africa: TIA Transformation Institute of Africa (incl. Foodlovers Academy)
  • Zimbabwe: Pundutso Center for Integral Development (includes: Kuono Centre for Integral Enterprise)
  • Zimbabwe: Mugove CIEA Center for Integral Enterprise Agriculture
  • Zambia: Tucuza Associates (Business Development for Financial Inclusion)

Setting the scene and catalytically cross-connecting was Trans4m Center for Integral Development (Switzerland/France) which has been actively engaged for a long time in building up towards an Integral Africa – in close cooperation with all centers and initiatives mentioned above.

As a result from this highly dynamic and interactive encounter, participants agreed to collaborate in relation to the following Integral Africa Action Themes:

  • Integral Enterprise-in-Community
  • Integral African Leadership, Human & Organization Leadership
  • Integral Economics and Integral Banking
  • Integral Education

Concrete action plans have been agreed upon for all four themes. In particular the new Masters Program for Transformation Management in Africa, spearheaded by Father Anselm Adodo and OFIRDI, and a Pan African virtual educational platform, spearheaded by Frans van der Colff’s Foodlovers Academy, served as key platforms to integrate and jointly leverage all Action Themes – drawing on the particular contribution of each participant and participating center.

All participants demonstrated a high level of commitment to the shared objective which was mirrored in a moving round of closing statements culminating in a shared song.

The next Integral Africa Roundtable is scheduled for March 15, 2018 – again in Johannesburg.