Integral Poetics of Regeneration: In Brazil, Trans4m conducts an Integral Poetry Workshop to Awaken Transformation Potential in Individuals

19 May 2019: Participating in Sinal do Vale’s two-day RegenerARTE Festival, Trans4m experimented with the translation of its integral approach into a transformative poetry and movement workshop, taking participants on a journey to discovering their inner calling through the creation of their own transformative poetic expression.

The about 16 participants were led by Alexander Schieffer through a journey along the integral rhythm of Trans4m’s re-gene-rative process. Thereby at each of the four steps from Evocation (South) to Aspiration (East) to Involution (North) towards Elevation (West), participants were confronted with a challenging developmental question, thereby gradually, in ever deeper steps, approaching the very core of their calling and possible contribution to society.

This journey has first been sketched out in Alexander Schieffer’s poetry book called “FIREBIRD– a poetic journey to awaken the inner fire” (published in 2017). Selected poems of this volume, as well as a set of new poems, were aligned with the four guiding questions – and combined with corresponding dance rhythms – mirroring the four (plus center) stages, perfectly aligned with the integral process. The central inspiration for the dance rhythms came from Gabriele Roth’s work The Five Rhythms.

The combination of integral journey, transformative poetry and aligned dance rhythms worked extremely well. Participants, over the course of the journey, had created their own “Call Poem” – expressing the central orientation of their own life’s journey and contribution. Selected participants shared, at the end of the workshop, their newly created poems – a deeply touching moment full of authenticity and clarity.

For Trans4m, this workshop turned out to be of deep significance – as the experiment validated the importance  of expanding the integral approach into the field of the arts – thereby enabling forthcoming agents of transformation to find a profound artistic expression of their inner calling and outer contribution.

The incredibly beautiful ambience of the workshop in the roundhouse next to the waterfall (Cachuera) was the perfect setting for this poetic journey.

The RegenerARTE Festival of Sinal do Vale turned out to be a highly successful event. Over the course of two days, a rich variety of cultural and culinary events around the central theme of regeneration were explored by about 100 participants, most of them from all over South America. Within a vibrant atmosphere of exchange and shared learning, participants felt inspired and enriched, and left with a deepened understanding and commitment towards regeneration – within their own lives, and for community, society and planet.