Junior Fellow Moritz Merz presents holistic Development Approaches of Sarvodaya & Trans4m for Innovation & Digital Team of SIX, Switzerland

6 June 2019: In their daily business, executives at SIX I&D drive transformation in the financial industry. During the event series “Brainy Breakfast” in Zurich, Switzerland, Moritz Merz took the opportunity to introduce them to another facet of innovation, spurred by integral development.

In his presentation and subsequent dialogue, Moritz Merz shared  experiences gained in the holistic development sector and practical projects he was involved with, while writing his research-to-innovation bachelor thesis with Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka, one of the leading development initiatives in the world, and an integral partner organisation of Trans4m.

In the discussion following the presentation there was a strong consensus, that there are many parallels between development organisations and big corporations and that the Integral Worlds model is very much applicable to other sectors. For Merz, only companies that understand and act in alignment with their own historical and cultural fabric, as well as with the social and cultural environment they operate in, will be successful in the long run. Additionally they have to aim for a balance of community and nature, knowledge creation and economic viability and empower people to start innovation at a personal level. Such personal development can then radiate to the team, the organisation and in a final step will contribute to a positive impact on the whole of society.

Moritz is currently working for the F10 FinTech Incubator, the biggest FinTech ecosystem in Switzerland and his passion for catalysing positive transformation remains unchanged.