Launch of “Jordan and Transformation Management: Towards Integral Jordan”, in Arabic, by Professor Adel Rasheed

14 May 2017: The National Library of Jordan hosted the launch of the book of Adel Rasheed, Professor of Management at Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan, and Trans4m Senior Fellow.  Speakers at the event, besides Professor Adel as author, were Dr Hassib Sahyoun, CEO of Medlabs Jordan  and Laila Abdul Majeed, project leader of the Al Hikma project at ASG in Jordan and a PhD student of the Trans4m Da Vinci PhD program as commentators.

Professor Adel Rasheed highlighted the main themes of the book and provided a brief of each of the six chapters of the book. He pointed out that his research and teaching interests started with his PhD work in the early 1990s focussing on expanding the boundaries of the Management field beyond the doctrines of conventional Western Management and through his interaction with Trans4m commencing at the beginning of this millennium. Both significantly contributed to the writing of his book.

2017 05 Jordan Amman Book Launch Adel Rasheed 2The book insightfully covers relevant subjects including: cultural and ecological foundations of Management as substitutes for the economic one; the salient contributions of integral and sustainable development following Trans4m’s knowledge base; their specific Integral Worlds model; the key social, political, economic, environmental, and educational dimensions of the Jordanian context affecting management  systems and practices; the everyday reality of Jordanian and Arab management; and a variety of local and international case studies in integral enterprise and development.

Dr Hassib Sahyoun, in his review of the book, emphasized that it constituted an alternative to the present one-dimensional “Western” Management concept by seeking a more balanced, fair, just and free thinking approach that ensures Institutional sustainability financially, ethically and spiritually – and that would also lead to a better future, where   the business model is aligned rather than in conflict with human dignity, community service and the environment.  He also emphasized that the ethos of the book, which is comprehensive, stimulating and challenging for contemporary business, academic, societal and political minds. Such an ethos can be adopted in the private and public Jordanian enterprises if the Management leadership promotes the Integral development discourse. To arrive at an  “Integral Jordan” societal perspective,  Sahyoun added, a much more challenging and difficult task is to be faced, that requires a deep change in the social and business culture. The roots of such a cultures are to be founded, so Sahyoun, in Jordanian homes, schools and universities. For Sahyoun, if enough momentum is built through the transformation of ever more Jordanian enterprises into what Trans4m calls “CARE-ING” Integral Enterprises, following the experience at Medlabs, Jordan might stand a chance to become a role model – in theory and practice – for a more sustainable future.

2017 05 Jordan Amman Book Launch Adel Rasheed Panel 4

Laila Abdul Majeed, who was also a former student of Prof. Adel, emphasized in her reflection that the book represents  a valuable reference for her PhD work as  it is based on a paradigm shift towards holism and integrity. For Abdul Majeed, the key features of Prof. Adel’s book are: it provides a rich composition of of varied local  and international integral case studies; it constitutes an enrichment of management through the Arabic resources on holistic development and transformation management; it relates uniquely to the cultural and societal context of Jordan; and  it serves as a good guide to build that kind of research that enables sharing the wisdom of the Arab world and beyond  and also to learn from inspirational cases such as the ASG and BSA and Medlabs.

2017 05 Jordan Amman Book Launch Adel Rasheed Panel 1

The book was launched and well received, in the presence of a large audience. The presentation of the book was followed by lively and commendable  comments particularly from Professor Adel’s previous and current  MBA students who highly appreciated the influence of the transformative and integral discourse,  exclusively included in Prof Adel’s courses, on their personal perspectives, as researchers and practitioners.

Note: If you want to order your copy, please write to this email address. For the time being there is only an Arabic version of the book.

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2017 05 Jordan Amman Book Launch Adel Rasheed Panel 2

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