Leading Jordanian Schools ASG & BSA spearheading Integral Education in the Middle East

Amman’s ASG Ahliyyah School for Girls and Bishop’s School for Boys in the process of articulating and evolving their unique educational model.

Under the leadership of Jordanian Senator Haifa Najjar (Member of Trans4m’s Global Wisdom Council), the Ahliyyah School for Girls and Bishop’s School for Boys have become hallmarks for holistic education in Jordan and the Middle East. In recent months, a project was launched, via the participation of Ms. Laila Abdul Majeed on Trans4m’s PhD program for Integral Development, with the schools then participating in our PHD (Process for Holistic Development) to make fully explicit and help further evolving the unique educational model of both schools in their particular Middle Eastern context.

Both schools are in the process of being fused into one co-ed school. A huge possibility and responsibility is emerging to build on the existing foundations of both schools and to co-create a combined educational model, geared towards a form of integral education that combines their unique local educational vision with the global IB vision altogether with a view to increasing the positive impact of graduates on the healthy evolution of society, and designed to become even more relevant to improve Jordan’s overall educational landscape and to address the region’s daunting social, economic, political and cultural challenges.

It is in this space that Laila Abdul Majeed’s transformative PhD/PHD process is lodged, aspiring to catalytically define, evolve and further actualize the schools’ unique combined model. The complexity of this task requires the active participation of a group of co-researchers-innovators from within the schools, working together towards this ambitious goal.

Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem of Trans4m joined Haifa Najjar, Laila Abdul Majeed and her colleagues to help defining and shaping the early project phase and to explore the best way of anchoring and launching the project. Participating colleagues, at this early stage, are highly experienced senior staff of all schools, ranging from Ms. Alice Abboud, Academic Head for ASG and BSA, Ms. Khalida Qattash, Head of Library and Media Center, Head of Theory of Knowledge and English Literature teacher, Mr. Nasri Tarazi, Math coordinator for ASG and BSA middle school, Ms. Rana Shaban, Head of Primary School at ASG and Head of Al Kashef Center for Inclusive Education, Ms. Mervat Wahhab, Head of the Primary School at BSA.

From outside of the school, Prof. Adel Al Rasheed joined one of the workshops to enrich the conversations. Al Rasheed is a Senior Fellow of the Trans4m movement, a leading Jordanian management thinker, and author of a recently published book on the Transformation of Management in Jordan (in Arabic language).

In the coming weeks, this important project will be further defined, to then fully enter its next phase.

Watch this space – we shall continue to share project progress.

At ASG School in Amman, Jordan
At ASG School in Amman, Jordan
Workshop on Holistic Education at ASG/BSA
Workshop on Holistic Education at ASG/BSA
Laila Abdul Majeed - Focussing her Research-to-Innovation on the innovative educational approach of ASG & BSA
Laila Abdul Majeed – Focussing her Research-to-Innovation on the innovative educational approach of ASG & BSA