New PhD PHD Induction took place in Trans4m’s Home for Humanity

3 October 2017: 10 new participants of the Trans4m Da Vinci PhD program, including now for the first time ever also the Trans4m PHD program, met in Hotonnes, France for a rich four days induction process.

Participants came from a wide range of countries, including Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan/UK, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Greece, Germany and the USA – covering, among themselves themes as diverse as Integral Enterprise Development (Zimbabwe), Collective Transition Processes (USA/Global), Social Impact Investment (Nigeria), Reimagination of Collective Narratives and Community Healing (Palestine / Jordan), Integral Renewal of African Fashion, Re-story-ing of a Cultural Narrative and Building of a Community of Communities (Africa) and new forms of Islamic Finance and Community Development (Pakistan).

The Induction at Trans4m’s rural Home for Humanity in the French Jura Mountains, aspired to create an integral experience, covering not only a full overview over the Integral Worlds approach and the holistic journey (5Cs / Integral Research / I-Care Process), but also exposed participants to the local land and community, interwoven with reflective time, physical and centering exercises, as well as inner attunement interludes, drawing on the creative and cultural resources of all participants.

Each participant presented in depth, her or his own calling for transformation. Already before, but significantly during the induction, participants explored the collaboration and co-creation potential among themselves, resulting not only in a number of overlapping, if not parallel research-to-innovation processes, but also in a commitment of the whole group to work closely together – thereby also drawing purposefully on the mutual fields of expertise and experience of each member.

Overall, this induction was not only a rich shared learning field and experience, but also a big step forward in Trans4m’s journey of “collectivizing” research and education.

Watch this space, as it unfolds ….