Releasing (Y)Our GENE-IUS: A transformative Workshop-Journey for Changemakers in Egypt, hosted by Goethe Institut Cairo and Tahrir Lounge

13 June 2019: From June to October 2019, Trans4m offers an integral journey for Egyptian Agents of Transformation to step into their full personal potential and to become active contributors to the Egyptian Society.

The Workshop Series is supported by Goethe Institut Cairo and by Tahrir Lounge. “Releasing (Y)Our Gene-ius” is a unique program and process, designed for highly committed changemakers to uncover their potential, strengthen their creativity, and, simultaneously, to shape and actualise “integral projects of relevance” for the sustainable and regenerative development of Egyptian society.

From June 13 to 15, a group of 17 agents of transformation from all over Egypt came together for the foundational workshop at Goethe Institute in Cairo, kicking off the four months journey.

Trans4m’s Alexander Schieffer, supported by Mohamad Elsayed Khalil, took participants on a three-day process, activating the particular project of each participant through the integral “GENE-IUS” process and roadmap.

At the end of the 2ndday, groups were formed, aligning the projects of participants around four major focus themes in Egypt:

  • Culture & Heritage
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Women and Child Protection

The highly engaging workshop ended on the final day with short presentations by each participant, mapping out the individual project and indicating the envisioned outcome to be achieved by October. A vibrant short video, created by participant Mohamed El Bamby, captures  the constructive, participatory and transformative atmosphere within the workshop.


In the coming four months, participants will be mentored by Trans4m, and will be co-mentoring each other, in order to achieve the goals, set for each individual project. Mohammed ElSayed Khalil will serve as local support for the group. Watch this space!

Most Pictures of this post taken by Islam “Shady” Safwat