Ronnie Lessem’s Fourth CARE Volume on “Embodying Integral Development” published in Routledge’s Focus Series

1 April 2017: In this fourth and final volume of the CARE-ing for Integral Development series, Ronnie Lessem integrates all that has come before in terms of: Community activation; Awakening integral consciousness; and institutionalized Research. In “Embodying Integral Development – A Holistic Approach”,  he focuses on individual and community development alongside that of the organization or society, and sets it in the context of an integral economy.

For Ronnie Lessem,  we now integrally and developmentally embody all that has come functionally and structurally before, within an integral enterprise and/or economy. This involves Community activation-and-building Care Circles; Awakening integral consciousness-and-Actualising an innovation ecosystem; innovation driven, institutionalised Research-and-Recognizing an inter-institutional genealogy.

Lessem suggests that we focus on individual and communal, organizational and societal, development, functionally, set in the context of an integral enterprise and economy, structurally. Embodying integral Rounds  of development includes but transcends education, because we encompass successive and interactive rounds of individual and collective – communal, organizational and societal – development.

Lessem then proposes to the reader-cum-integral-developer while always firmly having the feet on the local ground, though one may reach for the global skies the starting point is invariably a local community as “southern” grounding. The next port of call, with the focus primarily in the “Global South”, where religion/spirituality is such an all pervasive local-global phenomenon, after community, comes sanctuary,  as “south-eastern” emergence. It is only thereafter that a school or university,  as “northern” navigation and indeed finally laboratory as “western” effect comes into integral play.

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