Swiss Launch of Integral Green Slovenia Book at TIGE Conference

Integral Green Slovenia – the latest book in our Integral Green Society and Economy Series – was successfully launched at the Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy Conference at Caux, Switzerland.

The lead editors of Integral Green Slovenia – Dr. Darja Piciga, Prof. Alexander Schieffer and Prof. Ronnie Lessem – presented the new book for the first time to a larger public – in a shared keynote address, followed by a workshop. Integral Green Slovenia, published within Routledge’s (and Gower’s) Integral Green Society and Economy Series, and subtitled “Towards a Social Knowledge and Value Based Economy at the Heart of Europe” is the result of an impressive collaboration of over 40 Slovenian Contributors, together with Trans4m, jointly driven to co-create an integral green economic alternative for Slovenia …  in Europe and for Europe.