Aneeqa Malik from UK/Pakistan becomes a Trans4m Fellow: Promoting Akhuwat (Brotherhood), Integrally

24 July 2017: Aneeqa Malik joins as a new Trans4m Fellow, who through her association with Akhuwat in Pakistan, is serving to articulate this unique form of economic brotherhood in the region, in an integral way.

Aneeqa Malik, Founder of Loop Global Management, is passionate about her country of origin, Pakistan, as well as its need and capacity for cultural, economic and social renewal. Based in the UK, and regularly commuting between the UK and Pakistan, she is not only a relentless ambassador for such renewal, she also works on presenting the true cultural and societal wealth of Pakistan to the world, balancing out the often distorted image painted of Pakistan.

A major renaissance impulse with which Aneeqa is intimately involved, is Akhuwat, a nation-wide initiative with the vision to bring about a poverty free society built on the princples of compassion and equity via interest-free microfinance.

Aneeqa Malik with Akhuwat Founder, Dr. Amjad Saqib
Aneeqa Malik with Akhuwat Founder, Dr. Amjad Saqib

The founder of Akhuwat, Amjad Saqib, has been responsible for the evolution of this unique economic institution, founded on principles of brotherhood, built upon non-interest banking, serving to empower thousands of Pakistani entrepreneurs, with economic and social, now expanding into Uganda in Africa.

In the book, Aneeqa is writing with Saqib on Akhuwat, she will be focusing, from her own Sufi perspective, on transforming enterprise into Hijra, a migration of body and soul.

The book will appear in our Transformation and Innovation Series, published by Routledge

We welcome Aneeqa as a Fellow of Trans4m !

Find out more on Aneeqa on her Fellow Profile, as well as on her emerging integral innovation focussing on Care 4 Pakistan via Muwakhaat (Solidarity).