“CARE 4 YOUR SOCIETY”!: Apply for our groundbreaking PhD Program on Integral Development

The application is open for the next intake of our unique PhD Program on Integral Development. This three-year part time impact-driven PhD program is geared for transformation agents, determined to engage with the burning issues their organisations, communities and societies are faced with, and eager to co-create sustainable, positive futures on their local grounds.  Designed as an individual and collective “Process for Holistic Development” (PHD), it invites each year a small group of researcher-innovators, ready to bring about holistic solutions, in theory and practice, for the challenges and opportunities we are facing in these turbulent times.

The program – inviting prospective integral developers, and their associated communities and/or institutions – is a joint offering of Trans4m and Africa based Da Vinci Institute – originally inspired by Nelson Mandela for the new South Africa. It builds upon a pioneering approach to integral development, interlinking all realms of a living human system: nature & community; culture & consciousness; science, systems & technology; as well as enterprise and economics; altogether underpinned by an integral polity.

Transforming the notion of a conventional PhD, this program engages you in a dual rhythm towards Integral Development. On the one hand you follow a “4C”-trajectory – including Call, Context, Co-Creation and Contribution – geared to bring about your specific Integral Development. On the other hand, you amplify your particular impulse with an institutionalized one, thereby sustaining and evolving your original contribution. In this second “CARE”-rhythm you are institutionally involved in Community activation; Awakening individual and collective consciousness, Research-to-Innovation, and Embodying transformation – whereby you fully “CARE 4 YOUR SOCIETY“.

IN SUMMARY: This offering is clearly a niche program, for those who are not only driven by “doing a PhD”, but who are also eager to enroll into a Process for Holistic Development, including personal and collective transformation. The program is for those who are committed to address the burning issues of our time, through social research and innovation, drawing, in the process, on the gifts of their community, organization and society, thereby making a positive CARE-ing impact on their society.

INSPIRING ACHIEVEMENTS: Check out Achievements of former PhD participants here.

INFORMATIVE VIDEOS: On this page you will find few inspiring videos, informing you further on our PhD

START DATE: Start Date and Opening Module of next Group = 5 to 8 September 2017

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PhD Brochure Trans4m DaVinci START 2017 – 2017 05 31 as

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