“Creating the Game” Podcast: An Interview with Trans4m’s Alexander Schieffer by Creating the Game Founder Justyn Bostic

26 May 2019: Brilliantly stewarded and edited by Justyn Bostic, Alexander Schieffer shares in this podcast interview his own transformative journey and integral insights into life and towards co-creating a regenerative future

Justyn Bostic invited Alexander Schieffer into the 29th Episode of the “Creating the Game Podcast”, that the young Amercian, a Graduate from Ohio State University and a 2019 “Venture for America” Fellow,  launched a few years ago. The focus of the podcast was on “Uncovering Who We Are and How We Can Become Fully Human“.

In the interview, Alexander Schieffer shares on pivotal times in his life and key insights from his life journey, that set him up to become a co-creator of the Integral Worlds approach, a transformative educator, integral philosopher and spiritual poet.

You can listen to the interview via web browser by clicking here

Instructions to listen to it on amobile device:

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  • If you use Spotify you can open the app and search “Creating the Game Justyn Bostic” and it should pop up there
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