Strengthening Trans4m’s Outreach to South America and our Collaboration with Sinal do Vale: Co-Creating a Regeneration Campuses Workshop in Brazil

23 May 2019: In the midst of Brazil’s Mata Atlantica, a three day workshop took place for Regeneration Campuses to strengthen and enhance a community of practice around regeneration hubs and practices.

Hosted by Trans4m’s integral partner organisation SINAL DO VALE, a center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities and individuals, and under the leadership of Sinal’s founder Thais Corral and her competent team, some 25 participants from South America, USA and Europe came together to co-develop a refined understanding of the competencies required for the development of a regeneration hub.

The agenda included regenerative land stewardship, the exploration of viable business models for sustaining regeneration hubs and the development of strategies leveraging the efforts made by a network of hubs in their specific territories on a global level. Sinal itself, with its own integral design, shaped in Mandala form, served as the central role model for discussion, exploration and transfer.

For Trans4m, as well as for its ally Theatre of Transformation Academy, the participation in this workshop provided invaluable insights for the development of their home campus, Home for Humanity, in France.

Furthermore, the partnership with SINAL do Vale was significantly strengthened, also through the fact, that Sinal’s own next evolutionary step is to become a Regeneration School. It is hence with regards to transformative education processes and curricula, an area of strong expertise for Trans4m, that we see ourselves closely cooperating in the future.

The workshop, as a whole, was designed as  a highly co-creative and also regenerative experience, allowing participants to benefit from their respective strengths and to forge friendships and partnerships on multiple levels.

The workshop was proof for the high quality that can be created in a low resource, regenerative manner, if a group of committed people are willing “to make it happen”. At the heart of the success workshop was however the tireless engagement, the caring support and professional strengths of the Sinal Team, including Katie, Johanna, Mari, Mike, Vivian, former Trans4m Junior Fellow Annia Costermani. volunteers Bryan and Justyn and many others – as well as the extraordinary regenerative and organic food provided by Simone Morinho and her kitchen team.

We are currently exploring the possibility, if the next Regeneration Campus workshop is taking place at Home for Humanity in France – presumable in 2020.