Integral Enterprise in Zimbabwe: Foundation of the Kuona Circle for Integral Enterprise

31 October 2017: Providence Human Capital (PHC) is well on its Zimbabwean way towards becoming an integral enterprise, while, at the same time, its Kuona (I “CIE”) Circle for Integral Enterprise has also been founded.

During October, Ronnie “Samanyanaga” Lessem (on Trans4m’s behalf) was in Harare facilitating a workshop on “Integral Storytelling”.  25 members of PHC, from the company’s filing clerk to its CEO Chipo Ndudzo, were there to share their “four worlds” story, extending from their communal “south” to spiritual “east” to institutional “north” to enterprising “west”. Thereafter these integral stories were amalgamated into integral divisions – Wellness, HRD, Staffing Solutions and Remuneration Services.

At the same time we initiated a process whereby relevant PHC members were also to become Kuona Faculty, starting with Ethics, Culture and Governance. Further to these latest developments, we are hoping to develop a Masters program in Organizational Psychology and Integral Enterprise with the University of Zimbabwe – watch this space …