Transforum: Reformed Forum of Bern University invites Trans4m for Talk and Workshop on Integral Education

26 and 27 October 2017: Hosted by the Reformed Forum of the University of Bern in Switzerland and BENE Association of Bern Students for Sustainable Development, Trans4m Founder Alexander Schieffer and Trans4m Junior Fellow Nora Wilhelm were invited to present latest thinking on integral education.

Initiator of both connected events was Thomas Schuepbach, head of the Reformed Forum and founder of the Transforum – a new catalytic space which provides students in Bern with transformative insights, events and processes in relation to education, economy, personality development and other pressing issues.

In an engaging evening talk, Alexander Schieffer and Nora Wilhelm shared the story of integral education from two interconnected perspectives. While Schieffer focused on the overarching narrative of Trans4m, the development of the Integral Worlds approach and its application to education in different parts of the world, Nora Wilhelm shared her own experiences on integral education, framed through her Trans4m Junior Fellowship that took her to Paraguay working with two innovative schools that form part of Fundacion Paraguaya.

In the then following workshop, Schieffer and Wilhelm guided participants through an integral process of getting in touch and evolving their “life vocation” – enabling them to explore further possibilities to increase their personal radius as active agents of transformation in society.

Thomas Schuepbach of the Reformed Forum and Aline Kreis from BENE concluded both events with a set of constructive possibilities, highlighting how the inspirational impulses provided by Trans4m and the integral approach can lead not only to a further evolution of the Transforum itsself, but also to deepened collaboration between the Transforum, Trans4m and Collaboratio Helvetica, the organization co-led by Nora Wilhelm and Oswald König.