2 August 2017: Marlene de Beer, true to South Africa, the rainbow nation from which she hails, has devoted her life and work to bringing about cohesion between the diverse ethnic groups in the country.

In our Trans4m term, she is serving to release the GENE-ius of such groups, individually and collectively. Though working with small groups and communities in South Africa (and formerly also in Malaysia) most especially in different academic and community environments, she has served our integral cause well.

Marlene has been engaged with our South African integral community for many years. Currently, she is writing a book on Social Cohesion from an Integral “Four World” perspective, to be published in “our” Routledge Transformation and Innovation Series,  which will be out by 2018.

To see her more detailed profile, click here.

A warm welcome to Marlene, joining Trans4m now officially.