New Year Inspiration: Exploring the Aesthetics of an Integral Life

1 January 2017: Feature Article on the Application of Trans4m’s Integral Approach to Integral Living published in renowned Kosmos Journal

The US based Kosmos Journal, a beacon of “Global Transformation in Harmony with All Life”, has invited Trans4m’s Co-Founder Alexander Schieffer to contribute an article about”Living an Integral Life”.

The article has just been published in Kosmos’ Fall/Winter 2016 issue, dedicated to “Co-Designing the Future Together”. Schieffer’s piece, entitled “Imago Integralis: The Aesthetics of Integral Life”, introduces “a new integral perspective on life and provides clues of what it might mean to live life as a contribution to the cultural renewal, aesthetic unfolding, and holistic development of self and society, community and institutions, people and planet.”

With the permission of Nancy Roof, Kosmos’ Founding Editor-in-Chief, the article is digitally shared today, on the occasion of New Year 2017 – as an inspiration in the turbulent times which we currently experience as humanity.

Click here to download the article

We also invite you – as fellows, colleagues and friends of Trans4m – to explore KOSMOS JOURNAL and its website.


You undoubtedly find a lot of resonance between our Integral Worlds approach and our global community on the one hand and the holistic, multifaceted knowledge base and network that Kosmos Journal has built up over the years, on the other hand.

We are honoured to see our “Integral Living” article in this pioneering journal !

Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy and, of course, “Integral” and “Trans4mative” New Year !