Next Step in Jordan’s Tanweer Journey: Arab Emancipatory Education Roundtable took place in Amman, together with Trans4m

28 June 2018: The Ahliyyah School for Girls and Bishop School for Boys within its Tanweer initiative organized, in partnership with Trans4m, a roundtable on “Arab Emancipatory Education” in Amman, as one of the main streams of its envisioned Integral Arts College.

The vision of the Integral Arts College is to provide a new educational model for superintendent to drive integral renewal of educational and societal systems responding to the pressing need to review current educational paradigms and tear down walls of isolation between society and the educational system.

The roundtable was co-facilitated by Mrs. Samar Dudin and Mr. Yazan Majaj and gathered a group of Jordanian scholars and researchers from diverse disciplines, including Trans4m’s co-founder Ronnie Lessem, at Ahliyyah for discussions to create a deeper research-based inquiry on Arab Emancipatory Education to address the following main questions:

Arab Emancipatory Education is rooted in many paths of enlightenment. What constitutes the essence, source and principles of Arab Emancipatory education?

What does this Arab Emancipatory Education and research program/endeavor/ journey look like/consist of, in order for it to become a driver for educational, cultural and societal renaissance in Jordan and the region?

The nine scholars who participated in the roundtable presented solid papers that covered different angles and perspectives on the topic followed by a highly engaged discussion that further enriched the substance of the papers presented. Furthermore, the roundtable invited participants from the school’s inner and outer community to observe the roundtable discussion and were invited to post questions on a “wall of light” to further explore and inquire about the topic.

The roundtable concluded with a visionary statement by H.E. Haifa Najjar, principal of both schools, who confirmed the importance of partnering with the community to realize the vision of the integral arts college as a new entity for education and human development to be launched within the next three years.

The outcomes of the roundtable will be summarized in a document that will help in identifying research areas to develop the “Arab Emancipatory Education” stream of the Integral Arts College.

Furthermore, the Tanweer team will work with Trans4m on a positional paper documenting and framing the Tanweer journey, its vision and strategic principles.