Trans4m Workshop with MedLabs in Amman: From Integral Enterprise to Integral Academy

27 June 2018: MedLabs, the leading Middle Eastern Medical Laboratory Group, invited Trans4m for a one-day workshop to develop an initial design for an Integral Learning Academy

"MedLabs - WE CARE"
“MedLabs – WE CARE”

The primary aim of the new academy, supported also by the EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will be to develop “holistic health professionals” that are equally exposed to the knowledge and skills necessary for the lab technology profession, as well as the integral enterprise and holistic CARE approach developed by MedLabs over the past years, in partnership with Trans4m.

From the outset, MedLabs involved the full executive team and other leadings employees in the discussion of the future academy, that plans to open its doors and offer its first certificate program as early as summer 2019.

Specialist Lectures, Technical Skill Development, and Quality and Safety Exposure are forming three key dimensions of the curriculum of an initial flagship program – building on and deepening the existing knowledge fields and strengths of MedLabs.

Trans4m’s particular involvement, in addition to supporting the overall design of the future Integral Learning Academy, will be in accompanying the curriculum development for a vital fourth dimension, covering the Awakening of Self-Organisation-Society, containing themes such as Ethics, Customer Care, Care Circles, Community Building, Conscious Evolution, Sustainable Development and others. An Integral Innovation Project might be employed as an “integrative process tool”, bringing all dimensions of a program together.

Watch this space.