Successful PhD Defense and Community VIVA: Manar Nimer’s PhD helps transforming MedLabs in Jordan into an Integral Care-ing Enterprise

26 June 2018: Manar Nimer’s PhD presentation and the subsequent Community VIVA became a demonstration of MedLabs’ profound and collectively owned transformational journey towards an integral enterprise

With Manar Nimer driving the deep research processes, stretching over a period of four and a half years, this PhD evolved into a showcase of a truly collectively owned transformation process: with MedLabs’ CEO Dr. Hassib Sahyoun as Steward, and the involvement of the entire MedLabs executive team as Innovation Ecosystem, including a number of Laboratory Directors and other key staff.

What began as a process to “revitalize the moral core of the organisation” culminated, over the past two years in a process of transforming the organisation into an Integral Enterprise, involving the transformation of all of MedLabs’ operational functions.

Integral CARE Circles, developed by Manar Nimer and the innovation ecosystem, became the organisational tool to involve literally all employees into this process.

Part of the impressive impact of this PhD is the significant increase of employee motivation and engagement, widespread reach-out into community development, the publication of a book called “MedLabs Pulse” sharing the Integral Enterprise design and journey with employees and customers, and the development of a foundation for a future Integral Learning Academy, to be set up by MedLabs in the course of the coming twelve months.

The collective Community Viva presentations that followed the academic defence of Manar Nimer, became then not only an expression of the achievements of the past years, but also the foundation for further integral development projects to follow.