Providence Human Capital, Zimbabwe, on its Way to Become an Integral Enterprise

11 December 2016: A group of 30 representatives of Providence Human Capital met in Harare, together with Trans4m, to take their Integral Enterprise story further on. Providence Human Capital, just over one year in the making, has already 3000 employees in its Staffing Solutions Business, and is on the verge of expanding from Zimbabwe to other parts of Africa, as an integral enterprise. At the same time, Providence is spearheading the development of a Centre for Integral Enterprise, serving other prospective integral enterprises in Zimbabwe.

This all forms part of  Providence CEO Chipo Ndudzo’s PhD/PHD program with Trans4m and Da Vinci.

At the heart of Providence is its so called “Staffing Solutions” activity as a means of employment creation, now to be also renamed Pundutso, meaning, in the local shona language, transformation. In fact, all Providence’s divisions – Wellness, Payroll, Human Resource Development, and Finance/Administration – are being integrally reconceived, so as to locally-globally Emerge from the local Ground up, with a view to newly global navigation, to be globally-locally Effected – thereby following the GENE rhythm embedded in the Integral Worlds approach.   The ultimate objective is that Providence’s GENE-ius will be fully recognised and released, and in April 2017 the new Center for Integral Enterprise will be launched, to enable other Zimbabwean enterprises to ultimately actualise their own GENE-ius.

Providence is thereby also building and contributing to the unfolding story of Integral Green Zimbabwe.