Strategic Evolution of Trans4m, Moving Forward as two Parallel Initiatives: Trans4m “Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity” and Trans4m Communiversity Associates

21 June 2019: Trans4m’s co-founders Alexander Schieffer and Ronnie Lessem have decided to move Trans4m forward in two parallel and complementary initiatives, one that is more impact-driven with a focus on Integral Development of Self, Organisation, Society and World, and one that is more research-driven with a focus on Communiversities.

13 is an auspicious number for “transition”, and indeed, today – exactly the 13th birthday of Trans4m – marks the official transition of the original Trans4m into two distinct and complementary initiatives. That constitutes a major evolutionary step for us and will enable us to take our work and the shared Integral Worlds approach to larger scale.

Trans4m’s co-founder Alexander Schieffer is evolving Trans4m into an impact-driven integral enterpise focused on the “co-creation of a world that’s a home for humanity”. The current Trans4m website will follow and represent this evolution, while also maintaining the knowledge base and initiatives of Trans4m developed so far.

Ronnie Lessem, in complementarity, is setting up Trans4m Communiversity Associates as a research-driven initiative with a focus on developing communiversities. A new website is in the process of being created to feature their forthcoming research and activities. This website will equally feature the unique knowledge base of Trans4m over these past 13 years.

In their respective foci, both organisations honour, build on and integrate the legacy of the past 13 years of Trans4m, in particular the shared development of the Integral Worlds approach in all its multiple applications. Both organisations will work in a mutually supportive manner.

The Intellectual Property for the Integral Worlds approach remains equally with both, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer.

Trans4m Communiversity Associates (TCA), and its constituent research academies, altogether involved in social innovation, are comprised of the following associates:

  • Prof. Ronnie Lessem, co-founder of Trans4m and the ZNRA – Zimbabwean Nhakanomics Research Academy – with Passmore Matupire, DaudTaranhike, and Dr Mawere, Co-founder of African Talent Research Group and Publishing in Zimbabwe
  • Tony Bradley, Lecturer in Social Economy at Hope University in Liverpool, UK, and Founder of RAISE – Research Academy in Integral Semiotic Economics
  • Dr Anselm Adodo, Director of the Transformation Studies Masters, in association with Ibadan University Institution for African Studies, in Nigeria, and founder of Communitalism in Africa
  • Aneeqa Malik, Founder iSRA – integral Soulidarity Research Academy in the UK also in association with Akhuwat in Pakistan

On a personal note, Alexander expresses his deep gratitude to Ronnie for their shared thirteen- year journey of co-creating a new integral theory and practice – and spreading it across the globe. He looks forward to the success of TCA, and continued friendship with Ronnie.

The new strategic directions of Trans4m “co-creating a world that’s a home for humanity” , led by Alexander, including the establishment of an international Trans4mative Impact Team, will be announced shortly.

Alexander and Ronnie at St Vincent School near Harare in Zimbabwe
Remembering 13 Years of Meaning- and Successful  Co-Creation: Here Ronnie and Alexander visited a secondary School in Zimbabwe, that had adopted Integral Research into its curriculum. A moving moment of our rich shared past.