Trans4mative Impact Team launched: To strategically “Co- Create a World that’s a Home for Humanity”

22 June 2019: TRANS4M has adopted the new meta-vision of “co-creating a world that’s a home for humanity”. It will focus on establishing Home for Humanity, our home campus, as a living embodiment of integral development. To support this strategic evolution, we are delighted and honoured to announce the launch of our Trans4mative Impact Team, comprising10 distinguished personalities from five continents, who are all close collaborators of TRANS4M.

Each member is highly accomplished and deeply committed to impacting transformation locally and globally through their life, their ethics and their work. We also deeply appreciate the distinctive contributions they have made to TRANS4M and Home for Humanity over the past years. The Impact Team includes “integral colleagues”, members of the Wisdom Council, former and current PhDs and Trans4m Junior Fellows. Members represent Africa, Asia, America, Middle East and Europe – crossing sectors, gender and age groups.

Today, it is our honour to officially inaugurate the Trans4mative Impact Team and to express gratitude for their acceptance to join this team, for their commitment and support.)

Members of the Trans4mative Impact Team are (see below detailed bio and vision statement):

  • Thais Corral, Founder, Sinal do Vale, Brazil, South America
  • Vinya Ariyaratne, President, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, Sri Lanka, Asia
  • Premie Naicker, Founder & CEO, GreenSkills, South Africa, Africa
  • Anselm Adodo, Founder, Pax Herbals, Nigeria, Africa
  • Zeina Sahyoun, Chief Marketing & Community Building Officer, MedLabs, Jordan, Middle East
  • Maximilian Abouleish, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sekem Group, Egypt, Middle East
  • Pius Leutenegger, Founder, Centro d’Ompio, Italy & Switzerland, Europe
  • Titus Palivan, dual Masters from University of St. Gallen and HEC Paris, Switzerland & Romania, Europe
  • Christophe Haesler, Trans4m Junior Fellow, Bachelor Degree, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Europe & USA (as Secretary & Coordinator)

The inauguration of the Impact Team marks a new era for TRANS4M.

The key areas of focus for the new TRANS4M “co-creating a world that is a home for humanity” include:

  • Developing Home for Humanity into an Integral Enterprise and Exemplar of TRANS4M in Action
  • Integrating and Actualising the New Integral Meta-Vision
  • An expanded Local-Global Calendar of transformative Programmes

Two final interlinked aspects of this new era include:

  • Converging forces with Theatre of Transformation Academyand Oxford Enacting Global Transformation Programme, founded by Dr. Rama Mani, and of which I am co-Founder. This alliance strengthens our expertise in peacebuilding, justice and global governance, expands our international outreach, and deepens the cultural dimension of our work by integrating the transformative power of theatre and the arts.
  • Finally, allying directly with Rama, my wife, as Co-Convenor of Home for Humanity and of the Impact Team.

We express our gratitude to each member of the Trans4mative Impact Team for accepting our invitation to join this team, and for their unflagging commitment to and support for TRANS4M. Please read below their inspiring vision statements, their biographies, website links and photographs, and please join us in welcoming them.

We look forward to collaborating with you all, our readers and allies, in the spirit of evolution and innovation, in the exhilarating journey of integral impactful transformation that lies ahead.

With gratitude and anticipation




 Thais Corral, Founder, Sinal do Vale, Brazil, South America

I embrace the opportunity to participate in the Impact Team to shape the future of Trans4m with joy and excitement.  Joy as it means to work with friends,  which I admire and trust. From whom I learn and receive support.  Excitement as I  truly believe in the TRANS4M approach and inquiries about the critical questions of our time. As the main steward of an integral initiative, I know we are actualising together an emerging future more inclusive and humane.

Thais Corral is  social innovator which has dedicated the last 35 years of her life into experimenting  new fields integrative action. She was a key player in connecting the women’s and the ecology global movement prior to the Rio 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development and onwards. Sinal do Vale, her more recent initiative, is a regenerative learning hub,  located in the Mata Atlantica near Rio de Janeiro, Brasil which welcomes learners from all ages and cultures.

Dr. Vinya Ariyartne, President, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, Sri Lanka

My motivation to serve on the Impact Team is coming from my firm belief on the development model promoted by TRANS4M which is very much aligned with the philosophy of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka, and the friendship and deep spiritual connection to our friends Alexander and Rama.

I consider myself to be a humanitarian committed to affect a change in our society and the world. I am trained as a medical doctor specialized in public health. The first decade of my post-higher education life (1990 – 2000) had been as a doctor serving in a civil war environment and then as an academic. During the last 2 decades of my life, I have been a development practitioner involved in community empowerment programs, peace building and reconciliation, disaster risk reduction & resilience building, and promoting financial inclusion. At present my energy is fully directed at developing the future Sarvodaya University and finding an alternative political/governance system of Sri Lanka.

Premie Naicker, Founder & CEO, GreenSkills, South Africa, Africa

“My interest is in transformative practices, embodying and living a holistic integral life and working with women leaders circling South Africa and the rest Africa through the of power dialogue and self development.”

Premie is currently Managing Director of FuseForward South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a Cloud Computing company, Executive Director of Computer Aid International (SA) which provides computers to disadvantaged communities and Founder and CEO of Green Skills Consulting (Pty) Ltd. Her career has spanned over 20 years in the Media and IT industries. Premie was CEO for sub-Saharan Africa for a couple of International Software companies. Premie has worked herself up from Researcher, to Sales and Account Management to Sales Manager, Sales Director, Chief Operating Officer to Managing Director and finally Chief Executive Officer.  Premie holds an MBA and is currently working on her PhD for Integral Studies on Socio Economic Development.  She spearheaded many change management programs and projects and successfully integrated Emotional Intelligence into the change programs. Premie currently works with individuals and organizations on one on one coaching intervention programmes, facilitates leadership development in corporate business teams, designs and facilitates integral people development programs and specializes in woman’s leadership, entrepreneurship and skills development for youth.  Key focus areas are specifically in the Business Analytics and application development space and assisting women through a global program called Shelovesdata.

Father Dr. Anselm Adodo, Founder and Director, Pax Herbals, Nigeria, Africa   

  For me, our greatest, most unifying, creative and enduring gift to the world is our shared humanity, South and East, North and West. I am happy to join the impact team to keep reminding the world of this truth.

Anselm Adodo is the founder and director of Nigeria’s foremost herbal research institute, the Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, popularly called Pax Herbals. He is a prominent advocate of African herbal medicine research, indigenous knowledge systems, rural community development, health policy reform and transformation of education in Africa. He is an adjunct visiting lecturer of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he teaches African Transformation. He is also the originator of the African socio-economic theory called Communitalism.

Zeina Sahyoun, Chief Marketing and Community Building Officer, MedLabs; Co-Founder of MedLabs’s Integral Science Academy, Jordan, Middle East

 “My motivation to serve on the Impact Team is my belief in the human spirit and the potential to make positive integral transformations in people, organisations and nations. My vision for the future of TRANS4M is to foster awakened, conscious living through dialogue, empathy and action.”

Passionate about human health, I earned a BSc. in Molecular and Cell Biology in 1997 and an MRes. in Biotechnology in 1998, both in the UK. I joined Unilever PLC in 1998 and soon discovered an equal passion for working with people and organisations. In 2002 I completed an MBA in California as a Fulbright Scholar. I then moved back to my home country, Jordan and joined MedLabs Consultancy Group where I have been Chief Marketing Officer since 2004. From 2013 – 2018, I was part of the company-wide evolution of MedLabs to an Integral Enterpriseand am currently co-founding MedLabs’ Integral Science Academy while pursuing a PhD inIntegral Management. I remain passionate about health – mind, body and spirit – and about people and their potential to bring positive change to our world. I am a frequent speaker and author in the health field and in 2018 was honored to be elected the first female Vice Chairwoman of the Royal Health Awareness Society in Jordan, run by her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan. I am married and a mother of two and a strong advocate of living a caring, conscious, awakened life.

Dr. Maximilian Abouleish, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sekem Group, Egypt, Middle East

TRANS4M’s integral development approach taught me about the process of social innovation, which lies at the core of their PhD program. Having done this program has changed my life and I want to share and spread this wisdom and continue my learning journey not only at SEKEM in Egypt but also beyond together with interesting and inspiring people!

 Maximilian Abouleish-Boes is born in Germany and lives in Egypt since end of 2009. His mission is to become a social leader who helps to transform SEKEM’s organizational structures and ecosystems towards higher resilience and serving the purpose of sustainable development. Currently, he fills the role of Sustainable Development Lead for the SEKEM Holding that aims towards balancing the economic, societal, cultural and ecological life of the SEKEM group with its subsidiaries by improving and supporting their respective innovation, research and development efforts together with partners. In the SD role, he also supervises the monthly sustainable development reporting process based on SEKEM’s Sustainability Flower. Besides that, Maximilian supports the subsidiary Naturetex in the role of Merchandiser Lead by exporting organic baby garments and toys as well as other organic cotton produce. In the past, Maximilian lived for one year at one of SEKEM’s desert farms in upper Egypt. Another engagement was his role as a lecturer at Heliopolis University’s Faculty of Business and Economics. In whatever role Maximilian works, he is keen on improving existing governance structures towards more organizational effectiveness and transparency. Furthermore, he is involved in the emerging Social Innovation Lab of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development that is part of SEKEM’s larger institutional ecosystem. His background is formally in corporate management with a strong trans-disciplinary approach and Maximilian finished a transformative PhD program with the focus on integral human, organizational and community development at SEKEM. He is the father of two kids and lives at the SEKEM farm 50km North-East of Cairo on the edge of the Nile delta.

 Pius Leutenegger, Founder, Centro d’Ompio, Italy, Europe

 “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” (Socrates)

“ … we are urged to dream together, call in collective intelligence and bring to earth the second renaissance of human culture in deep peace with all living beings.”

A life time engaged in socio cultural projects, art, youth and adult education, management, connection with nature. supporting human consciousness to expand as a seminar leader by many methods like body consciousness, sensory awareness, group dynamics, human relations, movement, rhythm, sound and going beyond into oneness. after working in Switzerland for governmental and NGO structures, founding over 30 years ago, Centro d’Ompio, a seminar centre for human empowerment at Lago d’Orta, North Italy.

Titus Palivan, Masters of Arts in Strategy and International Management from the University of St. Gallen and a Masters in Finance and Economics from HEC Paris, Switzerland & Romania, Europe

Titus’s desire to improve current social problems has led him to the Trans4mative Impact Team, where he believes he may be able to identify alternative organizational systems which will help in that regard. He envisions an integral future where potential brings responsibility and where the search for self-excellence comes from within. Such a future would require a platform where individuals can come together to envision and create new ethical systems, adapted in mitigating risks and building on individual potential. Titus Palivan believes that TRANS4M and the Impact Team is such a viable model, in part due to their focus on mutual respect, trust based interactions as well as their core ideology on what makes us human.

Titus Palivan joined the Trans4mative Impact Team in 2019, where he has been involved in the development of Home for Humanity (H4H), including its operating model. He serves on the board of Rise Haiti – an organization currently improving infrastructure in rural Haiti. Previously, Titus was a member of the Senate of the University of St. Gallen and an advisor to AIESEC, which enabled students to partake in cultural and humanitarian projects worldwide. Mr. Palivan holds a Masters of Arts in Strategy and International Management from the University of St. Gallen and a Masters in Finance and Economics from HEC Paris. His interests include martial arts, salsa as well as the exploration of different cultures.

Christophe Haesler, TRANS4M Junior Fellow and Bachelor University St. Gallen, Switzerland, Europe and USA

I dream of a world where each human being can be authentic and express his own truth in full confidence and trust. I envision TRANS4M as a local-global integral movement that supports each human in releasing and discovering his or her full potential and GENE-ius.

Born in the USA, and raised and educated in Switzerland, Christophe Haesler is currently finishing his undergraduate studies at Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen. In 2018, he joined TRANS4M as Junior Fellow and has since then grown with and supported the organisation in many ways, be it in helping it evolving some of its current transformative educational offerings, be it in administering a PhD module, be in in supporting the Integral Green Slovenia Conference in 2018. He has just finalized his bachelor thesis, a research-to-innovation journey directly contributing to TRANS4M. Christophe has a distinct passion for authentic education, and the title of his Bachelor Thesis is: Authenticity in Education: A Critical Analysis and Evolution of Trans4m’s Transformative Course “Becoming an Agent of Transformation: Towards Integrated Self Development” as an Integral Curriculum for Young Adults seeking to find their Authentic Voice and contribute to an Authentic Culture in Swiss Society.