Scaling Home for Humanity for Transformative Impact: Top Support for Trans4m’s Integral Campus

17 March 2019: A team of three highly talented MBA students completing their joint St Gallen University-Haute Ecole de Commerce de Paris degree (Class 2019) selected Trans4m’s Home for Humanity campus as their annual “Social Impact Project” this year.

Titus Palivan (Switzerland / Romania), Rodrigo Garcia (Spain / Mexico) and Roman Zanoli (Switzerland)have every year chosen an individual impact project which has taken them to the four corners of the world like Haiti, South Africa and Rwanda to contribute their skills to the greater human good. This year they felt deeply motivated to lend their expertise in developing a master plan and strategy to develop and scale the unique transformative impact of Home for Humanity as an integral enterprise that transforms simultaneously the individual human being, the community, the organisation and our shared society.

Not only did we benefit from their expertise and competencies of these three motivated young men, but we were also inspired by their remarkable capacity to co-create knowledge synergistically with each other in a spirit of mutual respect, deep listening and humane cooperation. Their exemplary attitude, approach and outcome have given us a giant leap towards our new meta-vision of “co-creating a world that’s a home for humanity”.

The project continues till the summer of 2019, and will have a profound influence on the strategic development of Home for Humanity, as well as Trans4m and Theatre of Transformation Academy.

More on this exciting initiative soon!