Towards Holistic Co-Creation: Tahrir Lounge and Goethe-Institut invite Trans4m for Workshop in Cairo

8 June 2018: Alumni of the Dialogue and Transition projects, invited by Tahrir Lounge and Goethe-Institut, met with Trans4m for lively explorations of the Integral Worlds approach
The workshop was co-convened by Tahrir Lounge’s founder Mona Shahien, and Goethe-Institut’s Mai Abassi – and came about due to the initiative of Trans4m Junior Fellow Silvan Büchler, who has recently joined Goethe-Institut as a Project Coordinator.

The objective of this half day workshop was to introduce Trans4m’s Integral Worlds approach and to explore it as a viable new theory and practice to bring forth holistic solutions to today’s burning issues.

In this highly interactive workshop, Trans4m’s co-founder Alexander Schieffer shared a number of real life integral case stories, including Egypt’s Sekem as an internationally recognized role model for holistic human and enterprise development and India’s Sadhana School as an impressive illustration for holistic education.  The Sadhana School example was particularly interesting, as it demonstrated to participants the importance of a functioning innovation ecosystem – in itself a tool for “holistic co-creation”.

Participants showed vivid interest in investigating how personal and collective creativity can be integrally released, and how individual and organisational potential can be brought to full fruition, in order to build up a strong alumni network and to leverage its benefit to society.

In this context, the purposeful evolution of an egocentric fear-based culture of “I” into a more ecosystemically oriented trust-based culture of “we” was at the very core of the workshop. This included an inquiry into how spaces of interaction can be co-created, enabling people to participate in such cultural transition.

The workshop was received very positively, and participants expressed keen interest in a more thoroughgoing exposure to the Integral Worlds approach.

Indeed, a cultural shift towards higher level of “holistic co-creation” requires a more in-depth and long-term learning process – and Tahrir Lounge, Goethe-Institut and Trans4m agreed to explore future collaboration along these lines.

Fotos Copyright: Goethe-Institut/Roger Anis