Towards an Integral Academy for Learning and Innovation: Workshop with MedLabs in Amman

21 November 2018: Building on its successful work as an Integral Enterprise, aiming to promote a Healthy Society in Jordan and the Middle East, MedLabs kicked off, together with its partner Trans4m, the process of shaping its future Integral Academy.

This brief workshop marked the beginning of a process towards building up an Integral Academy for Jordan and the Middle East. The future academy aspires to develop Medical Technicians in a holistic manner, and, beyond that, to actively develop the field of integrality in Jordan and beyond, be it on an individual level (integral self), on an organisational level (integral enterprise), and on a community level (integral community). It would hence not only serve the development of the Medical Health community, but also the integral advancement of economy and society at large.

The design of the academy as well as the articulation of relevant educational processes and curricula is beginning to take shape, and Trans4m is partnering with MedLabs and the new institute on all those levels.

More to come; watch this space!