Trans4m Junior Fellow Anne Sophie Koehn Graduates at University of St Gallen

Straight after her Bachelor Studies, Koehn moved to Trans4m’s Partner Organisation Sinal do Vale to help developing this organisation via her Trans4m Junior Fellowship.

Anne Sophie Koehn celebrated her successful graduation with her family in St. Gallen. In her own words, blogged after the graduation from Brazil:

After spending four years at the University of St. Gallen I finally had the pleasure to get my bachelor degree and to celebrate this achievement with my family and friends. I will remember this time as a phase of transition and transformation. I went from being a full-time professional athlete to writing scientific papers, holding presentations, learning for exams, etc. I developed my skills as a leader and grew my passion for management. It has not always been easy as every transformation implies to let go of the old to let the new in. I missed from times to times my old “working environment” with the beautiful mountains and snow, and I have to confess that I might have watched ski races during classes.

St Gallen taught me a way of thinking and gave me useful tools, but I resent a little bit its rigidity and lack of openness in certain areas. The “one size fits all” model regarding education is to me long overdue, and it is time to shift this paradigm, innovate, and find new ways of creating, collecting, and sharing knowledge.

The biggest gift that I received from the university is the possibility to meet amazing individuals along those four years. I built strong lifelong friendships and a network of acquaintances with whom I now share the St. Gallen way of picturing business. I also had the chance to take Alexander Schieffer’s class on Integral Development and to discover the Trans4m Center for Integral Development thanks to which I am now starting my post-bachelor life with a year in Brazil working for Sinal do Vale. So, even though I did not always felt supported, at ease, or understood by the university, I am still very grateful for what it offered me and the doors it opened.