Trans4m Junior Fellow Maxime Bertocchi Graduates at University of St. Gallen

Bertocchi’s research-to-innovation on the “Trans4m Junior Fellowship” significantly helped to advance this transformative educational tool.

Maxime Bertocchi celebrated his successful graduation with his family in St. Gallen. In his own words:

Graduating from university is a beautiful milestone, after a few years of intense academic labor and brilliant social encounters. It represents a step closer to freedom one might say.  Naturally it also opens the door to increasing responsibilities: social, cultural, intellectual and professional, thereby representing a tool among others, which every individual is free to activate and develop further.

Personally, my studies raised a certain amount of questions regarding the ability of universities to activate the transformative potential of their students in meaningful ways. It thus led me to engage as a Junior Fellow of Trans4m, within the framework of my Bachelor thesis “Renewing Education: Trans4m’s Junior Fellowship as a tool for individual, organizational and societal impact.” As a recent graduate, I am well decided to pursue my engagement with Trans4m and the Junior Fellow community as a mentor for new Junior Fellows, in order to collectively evolve this fantastic tool further.