Become an Agent of Transformation: Captivating Short Film by Niko Messerli, Participant in the University of St. Gallen Course, jointly hosted by Trans4m, Theatre of Transformation Academy and Home for Humanity

10 January 2019: Niko Messerli, a participant of the recent Agent of Transformation Course, accredited by the University of St. Gallen, created a powerful short video, capturing the essence of the transformative experience some 25 students went through.

The video by Niko Messerli, who studies International Relations at the University of St. Gallen and runs, simultaneously a design enterprise, is a potent atmospheric representation of the three days intensive – hosted at Home for Humanity, and delivered jointy by Trans4m and Theatre of Transformation Academy.

The short movie guides the viewer through all directions of the integral transformation model, underpinning both organisations, and brings to life, how they are expressed in the various facets of Home for Humanity.

For the video, Niko composed the following “integral poem”:



You are, who you are

Witness the reality around you!

Yourself, the people, nature


You become, who you want to become

See the possibilities around you!

Local, global, universal


You realise, what you can realise

Envision the change around you!

Internal, external, collective


You impact, who you want to impact

Transform the world around you!

Food, shelter, peace


I am, who I am

I witness the reality around me!

Myself, my community, my world

Click here to watch the video.