Benjamin Foro: New Junior Fellow joining Trans4m with a Focus on Co-Creating an Integral Enterprise in Switzerland’s Wallis

14 June 2017: Benjamin Foro represents a group of young entrepreneurs from the Wallis Canton in Switzerland, aspiring to evolve their start-up NOSTRAS into a unique Integral Enterprise – geared to contribute to the revitalization of the ailing economy in Wallis.

With my friends and colleagues of our new enterprise NOSTRAS
The NOSTRAS team with Benjamin Foro in Switzerland’s Wallis

The NOSTRAS team is driven to come up not only with a new form of identity-based enterprise – but to provide an entrepreneurial impulse for the region, that simultaneously ventures into new “healing products”, drives regional cultural and economic renewal, and also becomes a motor for local education – opening people’s minds towards new economic, agricultural, cultural and social possibilities.

Benjamin’s Junior Fellowship, and his research-to-innovation, will be designed to strengthen Nostras’ impact in and contribution to the Wallis. Junior Fellow Maxime Bertocchi, now with Geneva’s Impact Hub, will act as a mentor to Benjamin.

Learn more about Benjamin Foro and his research-to-innovation here.