PhD Graduation of Trans4m Fellows Manar Agha al-Nimer and Maximilian Abouleish: Representing two potent Integral Enterprise Role Models from the Middle East

20 September 2018: MedLabs’ Vice President Manar Agha al-Nimer and Sekem’s Chief Sustainable Development Officer Maximilian Abouleish-Boes successfully completed their Trans4m Da Vinci PhD on Integral Development

In a moving graduation ceremony, in which all participants were reminded to bring their unique contribution to a world that is desperately in need for social innovation, Manar Agha al-Nimer graduated with her research-to-innovation on MedLabs in Jordan entitled “Integral Enterprise – Revitalizing the Moral Core towards a Caring Corporate Culture“, while Maximilian Abouleish positioned the renewal of the development approach of Egypt’s Sekem as the focus of his innovation, entitled: “SEKEMsophia: Integral Human, Organisational and Community Development: A Roadmap for SEKEM and Egypt for the 21st Century

Within their respective organisations, both research-to-innovations have led to a major organisational renewal process. Furthermore, both cases have been increasingly serving as inspirational cases not only for the international integral community, but also to a large audience interested in inspiring organistional models, designed to sustainably advance societies in a culturally resonant manner.

A huge achievement!