Trans4m Fellows Loshnee Naidoo, South Africa, and Jubril Adeojo, Nigeria, receive prestigious Da Vinci Community Services Award

20 September 2018: For the impact of their research-to-innovation, resulting from their participation in the  Trans4m Da Vinci PhD Program for Integral Development, Naidoo and Adeojo were awarded in South Africa with the Da Vinci Community Services Award.

Loshnee Naidoo’s research-to-innovation had focussed on “Economic Empowerment and Intimate Partner Violence” working with battered women in South African shelters, and resulting in the co-creation of an integral empowerment tool – jointly developed with the group of survivors of Intimate Partner Violence.

Jubril Adeojo’s innovation brought forth a holistic approach to co-creating transformative socio-economic development solutions in Nigeria, with a particular emphasis on building sustainable livelihoods in neglected rural or indigenous communities via easing access to finance to empower indigenous entrepreneurs

The Da Vinci Community Services Award is introduced as follows: ‘This award recognises students who demonstrate a commitment towards community involvement and who have included community activities into their learning and research.

A proud moment for the Trans4m Community !